December 8

December 8, 2008

Our last day in Montevideo came as a bit of a surprise, so we weren’t entirely sure what we ought to do with it. We started, predictably, with breakfast- a shared spinach pie and orange juice sitting in the park at Independence Square, watching the pompously dressed guards come and go from Artigas’ mausoleum. We followed this up with a coffee in the same old coffee shop on the square- a cafe con leche for Tom, because it’s really two coffees, and a submarino (hot chocolate) for me.

We then took a stroll down to the port market, which was meant to be a tourist heaven of food, souvenirs and gifts. Our activities met with moderate success, though the real star of the place was the large selection of parrilla restaurants, and unfortunately we’d just eaten. Aimless strolling was more or less the order of the day, and it culminated in a search for a movie theatre, which we found and then patronised. The movie- ‘Eagle Eye’ or ‘Control Total’ in Spanish- was of predictably dubious quality, starring an insane computer composed of mechanical arms and golden “infrared” spheres. Hmm.

There was then lots of hanging out at the bus terminal, reading and whatnot while waiting for our ridiculously late bus through to Argentina via the Uruguayan coast. We interrupted the waiting with a trip outside to a big covered pavement restaurant where we had a lovely dinner- baked chicken with salad and lime sauce for me and a steak burger with chips for Tom. We finally boarded the bus at eleven thirty and fell pretty much straight to sleep.


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