December 10

December 10, 2008

Well, today is not a good day. Today is, in fact, I’m afraid to say, a bad day.

The details of the morning unfolded in the same way that they usually do- a little boringly. Wake up, shower, eat an overly sweet breakfast at the hostel. There was then some running about madly trying to change a little money and picking up groceries for Easter Island- apparently food is incredibly expensive there. Our flight was at two forty-five, and we were stressing a little as we got in a taxi at twelve. Nevertheless, we arrived in the terminal, our flight was on the board, we gave a little cheer and went to check in.

Then the shit hit the fan. We checked in, our bags went through and our dude said “you’re boarding at five o’clock through gate B”. And this was a problem, as our connecting flight was to leave Santiago at 5.20pm, and so we would miss it. More probing found that they’d cancelled the flight yesterday, giving us a full twenty four hours to change our flights (plenty of time,no?). We trudged around for a bit being grumpy and trying unsuccessfully to get free stuff, then gave up and got LAN to reschedule our Santiago to Easter Island leg for the next flight- in two days time. Grrr. Then, we waited. Then, we flew.

It was actually not the worst thing to arrive back in Santiago, as it’s a place we both really like. After finding our way on to the airport bus and being dropped in town, we checked back in to Luz Azul, and despite having not being there for two months, got recognised. The amiable owner engaged us in a challenge to find the things that had changed (we had a hard time finding anything big, but he’d made a couple of small alterations) before we popped out for a bit, coming back to cook up some of the pasta we’d ambitiously and mistakenly bought for Easter Island. In true end-of-holiday style, we spent the night in front of the telly, chatting to fellow travellers and complaining about the crapness of the programming.


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